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Matt Brandenburg – St Pete SEO offers all kinds of Website Design, Internet Marketing Services and Advertising Services to cater all kinds of industries in the Florida area.Be on Google’s 1st Page, Convert leads into sales and Gain traffic with our Customized Solutions.



Online Recognition

We take Result-Oriented SEO initiatives so that your website start appearing more often in search results for your Niche Specific keywords and searchers start recognizing you as a brand.

Increase Traffic

Choose SEO St Petersburg, not just to increase but to give a significant jump in your relevant organic traffic.

Increase Organic Traffic

Our well-balanced strategies and planning assure you to get the top search engine ranking and loads of organic traffic, without spending buckets of money on paid advertising.

More Profits

Surely, with our proven strategies for onsite optimization, reach to the right customer at the right time and boost your sales thereby your better revenues can be used to take your business to a next level.

Close-Eye on competitors

We believe Competitor analysis is not a one-time procedure. To always remain one move ahead, SEO St Petersburg never leaves any stone unturned to monitor competitors activities to convert your company weaknesses into strengths.

Monthly Reporting

We are very particular with our monthly in detail reporting. We are committed to build a strong relationship with our clients and work closely with them. We believe communication plays an important role in strengthening the relationship.

Our Results-driven Approach

Matt Brandenburg – St Pete SEO uses only Google approved strategies to increase your online visibility and improve your rankings in major search engines. Our expertise speaks volume about ourselves. Let us help your customers to find you exactly the way you found us and showed trust!

Why you need to Trust us?

When you are looking for more growth, better rankings in search engines or a combination of digital services…Matt Brandenburg – St Pete SEO will be there to optimise, overhaul your site! You will definitely see a huge difference in your traffic, page ranking and most of all your sales through increased lead generation.
Get in Touch right away with Reliable and Top SEO Company in Florida – St Pete SEO. Give your business the quality and service that it deserves to give your mission Wings!

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Top things to do in St Petersburg Florida

St. Petersburg Florida is a great place to visit. It is a city on Florida’s gulf coast. What attracts tourists to visit this place is the pleasant weather. Nicknamed the Sunshine City, you can never go wrong whether or not to travel alone or visit the place with friends and family.

In fact, you will never run out of activities to do in this area. Regardless if you love art, or if you are a parent traveling with kids, you can definitely find something that matches your personality. To give you an idea on what to do in St. Petersburg, Florida, here are some of those top things that you can experience.

Explore and enjoy art

Yann Weymouth designed the Dali Museum as a tribute to Dali’s paintings. It is the place that you can visit if you plan on appreciating art made by Dali. It has around 96 oil paintings, including original drawings and even book works. It is considered by many as one of the best spots to visit in St. Petersburg, Florida.

If you are into modern art, or if you appreciate seeing upcoming artists, it is a good idea to visit the Morean Arts Center. It is located on Central Avenue. It gives a community-oriented approach when it comes to featuring and teaching art to locals. It is known to display artworks of all sorts of artists. Here, you’ll be able to see artworks of local, national, well-known international artists. This is also the venue where adults and children can learn art education.

Relax and be one with nature

A lot of times, people forget just how beautiful St. Petersburg is. If you want to appreciate nature and the great sunny weather in St. Petersburg, might as well visit the Sunken Gardens. This is a great escape especially if you’ve been busy working. If you are trying to find peace and relaxation, this is most likely the best option that you can go for. It is a 100-year-old garden and is considered the oldest living museum in the area. It offers around 50,000 species of plants and flowers.

It is a great place to visit especially if you are going with your children. You will be able to see winding paths, as well as a serene environment that can give you some relaxation.

Another great place that you can visit is the Boyd hill Nature Preserve. This 245-acre park is the perfect place for those who love to walking trails or those who love outdoor activities. It has unique ecosystems that feature swampy woodlands and willow marches.

Enjoy the performance art

Your visit to St. Petersburg will never be complete without a visit to the Mahaffey Theater. Here, you will be able to enjoy performances. The theater offers 2,031 seats. It offers elegant European inspired seats that can truly make your experience memorable.

It is not going to be surprising if you will decide to stay longer in the Sunshine City. There are a lot of activities that you can definitely enjoy in this part of Florida. And what makes it great is the fact that you can find great activities whether you are alone or with family.

Best places to visit in St Pete Florida
St. Petersburg Florida is a great place to visit if you like great weather. You will be able to find a number of fun activities in this area. If you are still looking to prepare your itinerary, here are some places that you might want to visit when you arrive in St. Petersburg, Florida.
Sunken Gardens
Are you interested in enjoying Sunshine City’s beauty at its finest? If you are someone who would love to see the beauty of nature, then take a look at the Sunken Gardens. It is a home to more than 50,000 species of plants and flowers. It also includes some of the oldest tropical plants in the US. It is a 100-year old living museum, perfect for those who visit St. Petersburg, Florida with their families.

Island Boat Adventures

You can find yourself enjoying different activities in St. Petersburg Florida when you visit the Island Boat Adventures. They offer different sightseeing to snorkeling activities that you can enjoy.

Florida Holocaust Museum

If you are a fan of history, or if you simply want to visit a museum where you can learn something, a good place to visit is the Florida Holocaust Museum. It opened its doors in 1998. It was built in memory of the millions of innocent people who perished during the Second World War’s Holocaust.

The goal of this museum is to prevent another atrocity such as this from happening again. It teaches visitors of the museum about the worth of human lives regardless of race.

Saturday Morning Market

The Saturday Morning Market in St. Petersburg is a venue where you can enjoy great food not only from the US but also from different countries. Included are local farm products sorted internationally, along with some arts and crafts. It includes incredible music that you can enjoy with the family. This is the perfect place if you want to please your palate or if you simply want to relax on a Saturday morning.
St. Petersburg Museum of History
The museum of history was founded in 1921. Mary Wheeler Eaton was the one who started collecting different historical items including rare photographs, documents, and historical artifacts. By 1922, the society became a museum.

Sawgrass Lake Park

Ever wondered about the swamp ecosystem Florida is known for? The Sawgrass Lake Park is a 400-acre park that is found in Pinellas County. It is one of the largest maple swamps located in Gulf Coast of Florida. It is a great way to experience the swamp in a safe way. It has a mile-long boardwalk that gives you the opportunities to spot different types of wildlife including birds in their natural habitat.

It is also a great place where you can have a picnic with your family. It even has a grill that can be used on a first come first serve basis.

If you are planning your trip to St. Petersburg, it is always a good idea that you turn to these places. You will be able to see what the Sunshine City is all about. There are different types of adventures waiting for you and the family.

Marketing and advertising in todays digital world requires a new set of tools that not all business owner have. Lucky for them there are companies like SEO NOT FOR HIRE that specialize in managing ever aspect of brands in St Pete SEO.

There are many angles taken into consideration for a companies online marketing plan. Everything from social, content creation, content distribution and much more. We’ll handle everything and more, including conversion optimization and invaluable market research and online marketing insight.

SEO NOT FOR HIRE only works in certain locations around the world and within specific niches for which they specialize, while they generally locate clients fitting these criteria you can also request a Virtual Meeting to see if you fit the criteria, or if they can suggest you to someone who better suits your ST Pete SEO needs.

They began working within specific niches in ST Pete specializing top ranking local business in 2015. They continue to grow their local market reach consistently month to month.
How Do We Specialize In St Pete SEO?
We currently work with a select group of businesses, all top ranked in google, who we have created a very large powerful network of websites designed to rank. These sites are designed to rank in this specific location for local customers. With these sites, and new ones designed specifically around your needs. We can very quickly and effectively rank a website with the highest quality traffic available online.

Matt Brandenburg and Scott Keever are currently 2 of only just over 100 Google Certified Specialists. They offer complete online brand management. They currently work out of SEO NOT FOR HIRE’s St Pete Florida office.

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Search Engine Optimization, commonly known as SEO, is the method by which a website is pushed up the search engine’s rankings especially Google. SEO St Petersburg are specialists in SEO for all of Florida. Established websites can improve in the rankings quite quickly whilst brand new websites can take longer.

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